1 Day Scavenger Hunt

Sun, 28 Jun
from 8:30am to 8:30pm

by Toni Holder
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Time zone: Central Time (US & Canada)
Reminder: 2 days before
Ends: 08:30pm (duration is about 12 hours)

This is a SELF-GUIDED Scavenger Hunt
Grab a friend, get a group or go it alone.
Get pics of the stops at the bottom of this post and have a chance to WIN/draw for a couple prizes/gift cards to be awarded.
Goal is to find as many locations and get a picture (requirements below) and email those pics to MAFHD11@gmail.com.
This is a one-day challenge.
Destinations are in no particular order so you will need to do a little homework. If you plan the route, it will make a good day ride about 200 miles. Wonder who you will meet along the way or who you will pass. Those that get a picture at all stops will be able to participate in a little contest at the next available Chapter Gathering to see who will win.
IF you are a member and ride, you must have a picture of you and your bike in front of the photo spots. If you are a member and don’t ride, you can use your car with just a picture of yourself or you and your car. Group pictures are welcome.
Below are the picture stops, plan your own route and please make sure you are parked in a safe spot, safety comes first!
Bryon nuclear cooling towers- N. German Church road.
Sweet Revival- Kings IL.
John Deere Historic site- Grand Detour
Tire headed man, 221 powers Rd. Rochelle IL
Lost lake – east Entrance sign
Camp Lowden entrance sign- Boy Scouts of America
Chief Blackhawk- with river in Background.
Email your pics to MAFHD11@gmail.com or you can print out your pics, too, if you want. We will collect them at the Chapter Meeting.
Mark Flanagan put this ride together. Any questions, please comment in this post. HAVE FUN.


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